Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Nashoba Region Greenways Coalition?

The NRG Coalition is an alliance of communities that are working together to promote safe, accessible, local and regional transportation connections and amenities for cyclists and pedestrians in the Nashoba Region (located between and around routes 128 and 495 in the vicinity of the Fitchburg commuter rail line). The coalition was established to foster the implementation of local portions of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council’s (MAPC) Landline vision.

A fact sheet about NRG is available for downloading.


What is the Landline vision?

Landline, initiated by the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission (MAPC), envisions a 1,400-mile seamless network of connected trails and greenways throughout the Boston region and beyond.

What is NRG asking area towns to do?

The NRG coalition encourages towns to participate in the development of the network envisioned by Landline. A network of greenways doesn’t necessarily mean expensive infrastructure – often it means making existing roadways, trails and paths as safe as possible and  designating them as preferred routes, or greenways. Sometimes, it is as simple as the  addition of signs or painted pavement markings. Other times, construction of a new  connection may be worth the investment. Any appropriate features must be safe, convenient, functional, and feasible. Such improvements can be both effective and affordable.

How can I get involved with NRG?

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